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  • 3/4/5 Star Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) Schools
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Head Start Program
  • Cincinnati Before and After School Program/ Summer Program
  • Experienced and Caring Staff

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Our Staff

Caring and Passionate

Our teachers are passionate about the children's happiness and growth. They provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem. This is more than a job for our teachers. It's an opportunity for them to share their passion for life while they inspire, engage, and explore their full potential.


Highly Experienced & Trained

Our Teachers plan and carry out a daily program which is based on Creative Curriculum which is designed to meet the physical/social-emotional/and cognitive needs of children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years.


Bonding with Families

Our teachers and staff form a strong partnership with you to ensure the best possible experience for your child. Teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.

Our teachers work with families to develop educational goals as well as provide information about the families and an ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionaire) that families are encouraged to fill out during the first 30 days of enrollment.


Curriculum - Based Research Modules


The infants are given positive & stimulating experiences throughout the day, and are only put into cribs to nap. Parents also find a family atmosphere where the child is able to crawl, touch, climb, explore and discover on his/her own with the supervision of a qualified person.

Infants are 6 weeks to 18 mos old. Individual lesson plans are developed and individualized to promote Developmental Milestones based on their age group.


A sampling of the activities presented include finger plays, music, books, bubbles, water play, manipulative toys, exposure to art, gross motor activities, and many others. Each infant is worked with individually by his or her primary caregiver to encourage developmental milestones and progress through avenues such as exposure to language, movement, independent-thinking, exploration, and self-help skills.


Toddlers are 18 mos to 36 mos old. We follow a Creative Curriculum based on Social-Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive developmental goals as well as Approaches to Learning.

Toddler Activities

Daily Lesson Plans provide toddlers the opportunity to engage in many planned teacher directed activities as well as independent activities to promote gross and fine motor skills and language development. We recognize the importance of independence at this age by encouraging self help skills throughout the day.


In the preschool program, children are consistently exposed to new ideas. Preschool is a time of new boundaries and explorations and our classrooms are set up to reflect that. Each classroom is sectioned into learning centers that the children are able to visit both independently and with teacher guidance.


The Components of the Daily Plan provide several opportunities during the day to explore and engage in 6 basic areas of construction.

These areas include but are not limited to an Area in VOCABULARY where the children hear and see words and construct an understanding of what they mean. The Area of LARGE GROUP allow children to experience opportunities to belong in group activities such as Circle Time/Exercise/Yoga/Story Time. During the OPENING ROUTINE, Teachers promote self help skills and Preschoolers practice personal hygiene by brushing teeth and using restrooms. The “Pledge of Allegiance” is usually said at this time. Children work best when a routine is evident on a daily basis. CIRCLE TIME is usually a group discussion to promote language skills and shared writing as an interactive process done collaboratively. CHOICE TIME is an opportunity for children to choose independent activities from Block and Dramatic Play/Language and Literacy/Art and Math and Science. SMALL GROUP is a chance for teachers to work with children individually to intentionally teach new concepts and work on the developmental goals of each child. MIGHTY MINUTES are cards used to make every moment “teachable” during transitions.


The Cincy After School program is used for B/A school for children attending the local elementary schools. It is a Character Development Program that meets the needs of Children based on the Ohio Academic Standards and the 40 Developmental Assets for Elementary age children.


This program encourages children to build relationships, create a supportive environment, and connecting to programs and practices.

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North Royalton

6827 Bunker Road, North Royalton, OH 44133
Phone No: (440) 628-8600

Richmond Heights

215 Richmond Rd. Richmond Heights, OH 44143
(216) 731-3600


216 Richmond Rd. Richmond Heights, OH 44143
(216) 331-4300

Cleveland: Fleet Ave

7310 Fleet Avenue Cleveland, OH 44105
(216) 341-3200

Fairview Park, OH

22985 Lorain Rd. Fairview Park, OH 44126
(440) 716-1500

Brooklyn, OH

4476 Ridge Rd. Brooklyn, OH 44144
(216) 398-3800

Old Brooklyn, OH

4650 State Rd. Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 351-2100

Barberton, OH

225, 31st ST, BARBERTON, OH 44203
(330) 825-4500

Lorain, OH

2325 Broadway, Lorain, OH-44052,
(440) 288-3400

Lorain, OH

3411 Colorado Ave, Lorain, OH-44052,

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